“Its 2016, and its time for Alex Cameron. Entertainer. Showman. Shaman. Side by side with his business partner and saxophonist, Roy Molloy, the duo are a living and breathing story of success told through the internet; unedited, unscripted, and, up until now, to a dedicated audience of no one. Thanks to the good people at Secretly Canadian that is about to change.
Described by Clash magazine as Sydneys most literate song writer, Cameron knows what he is doing, so much so that Jonathan Rado of the hit group Foxygen described the first Cameron performance he saw as one of the most memorable, moving concerts I have or will ever witness. And music icon Henry Rollins described Cameron as being right out of a David Lynch hell dream!”

– Alex Cameron

“Now is the time to tune in. No hype, no horseshit. Just a hot car, a hot track, and all charges dropped. The video for Shes Mine was made by Mr. Jim Pillion. He’s very good at what he does, generally very highly paid. Unfortunately for Jim, Alex dug up some dirt on him that he couldn’t afford to have go public, so when we told Jim he should make a clip for us pro bono he got what we meant. Regardless of the circumstances, he did an incredible job. Really impressive stuff, so we kept what we knew in the dark. Gotta break a couple bones sometimes in this game.”

– Roy Molloy

Stay tuned for more Alex Cameron news. In the meantime, get a feel for the Alex Cameron vibe with the video for Shes Mine. And those overseas, catch Alex Cameron supporting Kevin Morby, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mac DeMarco, or just straight up headlining, all over.