Strictly speaking, this is the first, proper, full-scale CD issue of Who’s Afraid, its first proper compact disc release. Art of Noise originally chose to redress and readdress the album for CD - before re-titling it as Daft..... and then three fifths of the original line-up (Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn, J. J. Jeczalik, Gary Langan, Paul Morley) departed for pastures new, so a proper CD edition of the album never appeared.

Now that ZTT/Salvo have finally delivered a full compact disc edition album by its in-house orchestra, we have taken the opportunity to enhance it with music - rare BBC sessions from 1984 and 1985 – and with what are, to some, equally memorable statements by the band in their first heyday: as compiled on disc two, the A Feast of Reason DVD. These are statements and videos that have passed into pop promo legend; to say nothing of a certain TV advert voiced by Kenneth Williams...
Musically speaking, you can’t fault Who’s Afraid. It started off as Into Battle, mushroomed into Worship (both released on SALVOCD049) before finally taking shape as one of the most adventurous and influential instrumental pop albums of the 80s. It has everything: it threatens and soothes, confuses, unnerves, promotes laughter and dancing. It does pretty much everything music can and the fact that it does this without conventional instruments or lyrics makes it even more important.

01. A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)
02. Beat Box (Diversion One)
03. Snapshot
04. Close (to the Edit)
05. Who’s Afraid (of the Art of Noise)
06. Moments in Love
07. Memento
08. How To Kill
09. Realisation
10. Too Busy Talking (BBC live session)
11. Close (to the Edit) (BBC live session)
12. Exploring the Jungle (BBC live session)
13. Moments in Love (BBC live session)
14. Arranged in a Circle (BBC live session)
15. Beat Box (diverted via Video Killed The Radio Star)
16. From Science to Silence (BBC live session)
17. Beat Box (BBC live session)
18. Moments in Love (BBC live session)
01. So what happens now?
02. Beat Box
03. Close (to the Edit) version one
04. Closer (to the Edit) cinema version
05. Moments in Love
06. An Art of Noise live at The Value of Entertainment, June 1985
07. Moments in Love (live around the world, Summer 1999)
08. Beat Box and Close (to the Edit) live at Coexistence, June 2000
09. When Art of Noise met Kenneth Williams (and Other
Commercial Breaks) parts one to nine
10. Close (to the Edit) version three
11. Moments in Love version two
12. Close (to the Edit) version two
13. Beat Box edit
14. So What Happened Next?