Beach House to release 6th full length LP October 16th
Thank Your Lucky Stars!
Less than 2 months after the release of 2015′s much celebrated Depression Cherry, Beach House will grace us all with their sixth full length LP titled Thank Your Lucky Stars. The album will be released October 16th.
Album artwork and tracklisting below:

Thank Your Lucky Stars:
01 Majorette
02 She’s So Lovely
03 All Your Yeahs
04 One Thing
05 Common Girl
06 The Traveller
07 Elegy to the Void
08 Rough Song
09 Somewhere Tonight

Critical acclaim for Depression Cherry:
“Where most artists write songs that channel one feeling or emotional
journey, Beach House build multiple mood layers into each track… Legrand’s
voice is a gorgeous vapour trail, looping through the air and evaporating
into the blue… These are songs that soak into you.”
The Telegraph – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)
“The Baltimore pair return to a sparser template with their graceful,
nuanced fifth. By reducing the scope and rediscovering the value of
nuance, Beach House end up sounding bigger and better than ever before.”
Uncut – 8/10
“A record on which every subtle chord shift and breathy sigh feels
considered. By pairing down the drums and allowing themselves to play more
quietly, the Baltimore duo somehow increase their impressive ability to
sound like they’re whispering each song directly into your eardrum.”
The Guardian – 4 Stars ****
“As a dreamy mood-setter the nine songs work a treat… Beautiful,
melancholy, meditative.”
Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****
“Beach House have never demanded attention but they are capable of moments
of such hypnotic beauty that they always pay back any they are given.”
The Sun – 4 Stars ****
“Luxuriant, ethereal, gauzy, intense, exquisite… The voice of Victoria
Legrand suspended inside an artful matrix of hypnotic organ, guitar and
slowly ticking percussion.”
Mail On Sunday – 4 Stars ****
“Fans will be spellbound… Depression Cherry pulls off the rare trick of
stripping the duo’s sound back and embracing simplicity, while actually
sounding more sophisticated and accomplished than their previous work.”
Record Collector – 4 Stars ****
“Yet again, Beach House make sadness sound endlessly alluring.”
Crack – 17/20
“Both delicate and sophisticated. The echoey vocals hit on fleeting
passions (Levitation) and high-flying wonder (Space Song), while cleverly
integrating influences from retro 60s pop (PPP) to the celestial crooning
of 80s faves The Cocteau Twins (Days Of Candy). Contemplative and
The Mirror – 4 Stars ****
“Legrand and Scally have returned to the very basic machine patterns of
their earliest records. The album standout is ’10:37′, with layered and
chopped-up backing vocals that gently suggest Brian Wilson and R&B… If
Depression Cherry suggests they are stuck in a groove, its a groove that
is worth wallowing in.”
The Observer (Album of the Week)
“Minimal beats, carefully chosen guitar lines, dreamy keyboards and
Victoria Legrand’s even more dreamy voice… Exquisite.”
Sunday Times
“While the rooms got big, the songs have stayed tight, focused and
fashioned from the most precious natural materials: haunting melody,
heartbreaking harmony, ethereal choruses. There’s a subtlety with these
songs that make this their finest record to date.”
“Legrand has a whispering hypnotism in her singing throughout this record…
It doesn’t demand attention but gently lures you into the dreamy Beach
House world.”
Gay Times – 4 Stars ****
“Depression Cherry is a great example of a band hanging on to their
trademark sound and managing to create something fresh with it.”
“Beach House are the sort of band for whom the terms ‘ethereal’ and
‘dream-pop’ were invented, and their fifth album does not disappoint on
either score.”
“Legrand and Scally have perfected a dreamy psychedelic pop that rules
with an iron fist, buried deep within a velvet glove.”
London In Stereo