At the end of March 2011, Bill Nelson and the Gentlemen Rocketeers, along with one
hundred plus guests, populated Studio A at Metropolis, West London, for a dynamite
concert reminiscent of the Marquee club in its heyday. A blistering fourteen song set
from the band, which covers much of Bill’s career to date, was the result. We’re
delighted to present that set here on both CD and DVD, together with an interview
with Bill and a sublime four track solo set as DVD extras.

Wielding an array of gorgeous-looking guitars, Bill and his cohorts treated those
present to a fantastic show, notable particularly for the fact that they performed a
number of rarely heard Bebop Deluxe numbers - classics like Night Creatures, Ships In
The Night, Sister Seagull and Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape.
Sound quality is superb, thanks to Bill himself mixing the multi-track, while the six-man
group he fronts deliver brilliantly on the diversity of styles Nelson has essayed.

With 90 minutes of music plus extras on offer, this is a feast for Nelsonophiles (not to
mention electric guitar fetishists). And with two compact discs as an alternative to the
DVD, there are even more ways it can be enjoyed.