Bill & Aidan return with their long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s Scottish
Album of the Year (SAY) Award winner, Everything’s Getting Older.

"The album’s a salute to the city and the secrets she hides; it's ticking clocks and dirty dishes; it's raising the devil
on old equipment. It's about the life we want versus the life we need – and deciding which is which." AIDAN MOFFAT

Moving on from the preoccupations of the duo’s debut long-player, The Most Important Place In The World
supplants the encroachment of age as a primary theme with the notion of the metropolis as femme fatale, a
voluptuous siren promising opportunity and possibility – “Her doors are open, her legs are spread,” in the words
of the opening song, On The Motorway. The tension between domesticity and devilry, temperance and
temptation, is a seam that runs through the record.

As with its predecessor, The Most Important Place In The World finds Moffat variously speaking, snarling and
singing his candid tales along to jazz-inflected melodies so exquisite they barely belong to the gauche reality of
the 21st century.

While the palette utilised across these 12 extraordinary nocturnes bears a direct connection to that of
Everything’s Getting Older, Wells and Moffat here deploy a broader and deeper panoply of sounds, touching on
electro-pop (The Eleven Year Glitch) as much as the tuxedo seductions of Bacharach and David (Any Other
Mirror) and Caledonian gospel (Street Pastor Colloquy, 3am).

Further burnishing this sumptuous canvas are the contributions of saxophonist John Burgess, trumpeter Robert
Henderson (last seen playing a corpse in the video for The Copper Top from Everything’s Getting Older), tuba
player Danielle Price, string ensemble the Cairn Quartet, viola player Aby Vulliamy – a member of Wells’ National
Jazz Trio of Scotland – and the Glad Café Community Choir.

Wrapped in the handiwork of Moffat’s six-year-old son and titled after an IKEA slogan, The Most Important
Place In The World was recorded at Chem19 in Blantyre and Castle of Doom in Glasgow with producer Paul
Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, King Creosote) in September and October 2014. Released in LP, CD and
download formats on March 16th, the album will also be available on streaming platforms from May.

On The Motorway / VHS-C / Lock Up Your Lambs / This Dark Desire / The Tangle Of Us / Any Other Mirror / The Unseen Man /
Vanilla / Street Pastor Colloqy, 3am / The Eleven Year Glitch / Far From You / We’re Still Here