WORDS TO THE BLIND is a title we chose in relation to a Dadaist picture we found representing one man shouting in another man's ear who keeps his eyes closed. We reproduced the exact attitudes of these characters and took a picture ourselves - as you can see now on the poster. We associated this image with the phrase WORDS TO THE BLIND which is a Savages lyrics from the song SHUT UP ("I'm sick to keep it open wide, and speaking words to the blind')

SIMULTANEOUS POETRY is a Dadaist concept - a situation where poems are recited simultaneously onstage in different languages - or as leading Dada artist Hugo Ball says : 'A contrapuntal recitative in which three or more voices speak, sing, whistle, etc., simultaneously in such a way that the resulting combinations account for the total effect of the work, elegiac, funny or bizarre.'

NOTE: the Dadaist reference is for inspiration, our interpretation should be free and mirror our own context and modernity.

From SIMULTANEOUS POETRY we went for SIMULTANEOUS SONIC POEM. Because our concern will be with the sound - the voices and the instruments.
If we look at it conceptually, a SIMULTANEOUS SONIC POEM is a universal indicator of contemporary's psyches. The chaos of the world and the multiplication of voices. How do you bring back the human figure into the cacophony of sounds and sonic matter?

Another quote from Hugo Ball:
"The simultaneous poem" has to do with the value of the voice. The human organ represents the soul, the individuality in its wandering with its demonic companions. The noises represent the background - the inarticulate, the disastrous, the decisive.The poem tries to elucidate the fact that man is swallowed up in the mechanistic process. In a typically compressed way it shows the conflict of the vox humana (human voice) with a world that threatens, ensnares, and destroys it, a world whoserhythm and noise are ineluctable."

Our game then could be to play with an imaginary narrative, perhaps something like this:

The voice is humanity
The voice has demons
The noise is the world
The individuality versus the world
The individual sucked in/swallowed by the world
The fragility of the voice with the massiveness of the sound
The resistance of the voice
Resurrection of the voice
Harmony? is there one element of the world which the voice could find peace with?
Together the voice and the world meet into chaos and deconstruction

It seems natural that the narrative shouldn't have a 'happy' ending, but epic, funny, bizarre...