“I hope that this album turns more people onto the music of NEU!”

The amount of artists citing Krautrock godfathers, electronic AND rock music innovators NEU! as a major influence has been exponentially rising over the last 3 decades. Artists from Bono to Noel Gallagher, Radiohead to LCD Soundsystem, Damon Albarn to John Frusciante who have clearly drawn from their influence from one of the most groundbreaking bands ever to appear out of the 70s.  - This compilation tries to show music fans what key influence this German duo had on some of today’s biggest bands and it includes 2 tracks by NEU! musicians Klaus Dinger (as La Duesseldorf) as well as one by Michael Rother.

The compilation exemplifies to music fans what key influence this German duo had on some of today’s biggest bands. The release is out on digipack and includes liner notes of most artists appearing on the album, which is the first release on UK label Feraltone, founded by Gronland’s former Managing Director.

'My current new favourite German band of all time. Proper tour bus music. Spiritual!!'

Neu! influenced me long before i ever heard them. The sound of Neu! is all over Joy Division, check out "Unknown Pleasures" & "Closer" & hear it for yourself. Or listen to Kenny Morris's  tribal glam tom-tom drumming of "The Scream" era Siouxsie & The Banshees. Or the searing, screaming one note guitar riffs of Public Image Ltd.'s Keith Levine & The Banshees' John McKay to hear the Neu! influence on some of the bands/musicians who have meant so much to me & have shaped/influenced the way `Primal Scream sound. - Around the time of XTMNTR we listened to a lot of Neu!  & i guess it shows.