"American Antarai" - Sortie le 8 juillet 2013

In may 1976, an incident involving the American
container SS Mayaguez prompted the US forces, including 1,000 Marine
Corps to use the U-Tapao airbase in Thailand as a base for a rescue
mission against the Cambodian Government’s (Khemer Rouge) forces. This
was done without the permission of the Thai Government which said the
act was a violation of Thai Soveignty and sparked fierce protests
outside the US Embassy. The US president only issued a very short
‘apology’ which acted as the catalyst for Caravan to join the public

Caravan wrote political songs against the US and used them in a mass
protest in March 1976. The band members all came back to work together
amid the heated political atmosphere and protests to drive out the
American Army base, during which there were many bombings, shootings,
fatalities and much blood-shed. The Antarai American album was ready
for release before the mass public protest to demand that the Kukrit
Pramoj Government’s promise of calling for the withdrawal of all US
forces from Thailand by 20th March 1976.

    1. American Antarai
    2. Letter From Farmer
    3. Tens Deaths Growing up hundred thousand
    4. Come Together
    5. Common Please
    6. Up Raising
    7. Mr. Kum
    8. Lam Plern Jarern Jai
    9. Serng E-San
    10. Khula