La révélation noisy Soul Punk garage psychée signée Touch & Go

If the word "chimney sweep" and "soul psychedelia" don't go together in your mind, they just may after you take a listen to Crystal Antler's debut EP, the beguilingly titled EP. When the band formed in 2006, tree of it's members including lead singer and bassist Jonny Bell were in fact working as chimney sweeps and playing out constantly in socal. Getting dirty by day and by night, the band recorded two 7-inch singles before setling down to record this EP with the Mars Volta's Ikey Owens. When the band sent us a copy earlier this year, we were blown away by its swirling guitars, dramatics organ clamor, and relentess blending of influences ranging from cinematic psych to noisy soul punk.

code d'écoute de l'EP:

u: crystal

p: qiuGi7gl