Duo de Toronto formé en 2004, les Crystal Castles réalise une ascension fulgurante en 2007. Ils vendent leur single immédiatement et sont en concert partout en Grande Bretagne, en Europe, et aux Etats-Unis, accompagné d’artistes comme the Klaxons ou Metri.

Since forming in the summer of 2004, Crystal Castles, the Toronto-based duo of Ethan Fawn and Alice Glass have amassed a cult following through their uncompromising and intense delivery, a slew of limited edition singles, and shows packed solely from word of mouth. Their 7” singles have sold out almost instantly, they have toured extensively in the UK, Europe, and North America with artists such as the Klaxons and Metric, and remixed songs for Bloc Party and the Klaxons, among others. Crystal Castles have attracted much attention from those trying to pigeonhole the band as leaders for such media-hyped subgenres as “8-bit” and “nu-rave”, however their nihilist aesthetic and diverse body of work suggests their intentions and potential are worth much more. The following is a selection of frequently asked questions that the band would like to clarify, of which their answers are completely sincere and not contrived.