When searching for « Dead Sea » on the Internet, you will most likely end up on YouTube watching half-naked tourists floating on the super-salty waters of the lowest place on Earth. However, when narrowing down the search a bit further, chances are you will come upon a four-piece French band, crafting dreamy and magnetic post-pop songs. A lot has been said about them being shoegaze successors - a genre that suits them well - but Dead Sea members are not the kind to stand still and gaze at their shoes. Instead, they all look right ahead to the future.

A few months after the release of their first two singles « 8.50 » and « Lotion », Dead Sea are back with a new piece « Know Where ». In a bit less than five minutes, the band takes us to a new sonic dimension walking a thin line between Grimes and the soundtrack of Blade Runner, whilst confirming their ability to write catchy pop songs. An unequivocally hypnotic and melancholic third take.

Charles from the band said the following about the video: « Whilst listening to "Know Where", we imagined a pop, colorful and sunlit video which would be very different from our two previous ones. Another thing we wanted to do was to make this video by ourselves from A to Z. We went down to the French Riviera this summer, where Caro grew up, Julien brought his motocross and we shot everything using both 4K and MiniDV cameras, to make a kind of "on steroids" holiday movie. »

Dead Sea’s debut EP “Colorate”, including the new single “Know Where”, last year’s hypnotizing “Lotion”, the psychedelic title track and the instrumental whirlwind ‘Tych’ will be released on May 4.