Tosta Mista is the brilliant debut UK album by Polaris Prize nominated Canadian collective Hooded Fang. With surf guitars, ‘verbed-out vocals and danceable ‘60s drum breaks, it’s a veritable garage rock riot. Tosta Mista sounds like the whole of the Nuggets box set condensed into an album that’s just 23 minutes long.

It’s the sound of sweaty patio parties and hot summer nights, but the upbeat music masks the fact that Tosta Mista is an album about heartbreak, telling the story of singer/guitarist Daniel Lee and bassist April Aliermo’s breakup after five years together. “We decided it was time to change it up,” says Daniel, “So this album reflects a lot of what was going on." April adds, "I went away to the Philippines for a month, and when I came back, Daniel had Tosta Mista practically done. We co-wrote the lyrics to Den of Love, and that song really sums it all up.”

The result is an album about: “Love, lust, heartbreak, dramatic shit like that.  Melodramatic huh? It’s all kind of tongue in cheek, but very real at the same time.” To hammer that last point home, they titled the album for the grilled sandwiches sold in their Portuguese neighbourhood of Toronto. “We thought it was a funny name for the album cos a lot of the songs are overly dramatic tunes about heartbreak and lust and love.”

Now a five-to-seven-piece band (depending on the project in hand), Hooded Fang sprung to life in the attic bedroom shared by Daniel and April, the name coming from a classic children’s book written by Mordecai Richler. Conveniently, Nick Hune-Brown, keyboardist, lived downstairs. The band used to rehearse in that attic room and they would even put on shows for local and touring bands. It’s where they recorded a 2008 EP and 2010’s self-released, Canada-only debut, Album, which earned them the Polaris nomination, made them the most blogged band on The Hype Machine and led to tours with The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Tosta Mista marks the blossoming of a major new band. “We want it to be a good summer listen, something that you won’t get sick of and that makes you feel alright,” say the band. “We also want to let people know what’s up, and where we want to go with this project. We're pretty much going wherever we want. Our message is simple: do what you want, work hard, have fun.  Put out good shit.  Keep the community tight. Don’t be an idiot.”