Pour les 20 ans de City Slang, réeditions de 6 albums :

CALEXICO – Feast Of Wire
THE NOTWIST – Neon Golden
LAMBCHOP – Tourbox

Lambchop have been making special tour-only CDs available at their live shows since the late nineties. This box, strictly limited to 1.000 pieces, collects all eight of those CDs, which were previously only available at the merch table. To make it all he more special, the box also includes two fully fleshed out concert DVDs of defining moments from the Lambchop career. One covers a show in Brussels on the Damaged tour from 2006 and features the excellent Polish Dafo String Quartet. The other one is just plain amazing. Lambchop performed at their US label's 20th anniversary weekend in North Carolina last year. There is some footage from this show floating around the internet. Let's just say that Merge's most underrated band completely stole the show. And what a hairraising, goosebump-giving ride through the Chop catalogue it was. Culminating in an incredible rendition of the UK charts hit "Give Hit" that Wagner sang for the electronic music producers X-Press 2 in 2007, mixed into a medley with the Talking Head classic Once In A Lifetime. Honestly, this song alone justifies the price of this lush boxed set.