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All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers Vol 1 and 2
Covers albums released DD Month 2009 on Full Time Hobby

Following last year’s critically acclaimed …And The Red Empire Orchestra, Texan-born Anglophile Micah P Hinson is set to return with two albums of covers, All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers Vol 1 and 2, which will be simultaneously released as separate discs on DD Month 2009. “I view the album as two independent projects,” says Hinson, 28. “Volume one is the quieter, calmer songs, Volume two is much louder and loaded with many more instruments. They’re for different moods, different times; the ups and the downs.”

The two volumes were recorded in Texas in bursts from November 2008 to March 2009 with regular collaborator T. Nicholas Phelps and cellist Kris Yoemans. Originally toying with numerous concepts and themes (songs from Texas, songs from the States and more), Hinson found that “the thing just wouldn’t fit into a confined space,” and so decided to keep the song choices simple. “The theme is that they all mean something to me; whether that be in the past or present. I feel very moved by songs and music of other men and women, it's gotten me through many a hard time, so it made sense to find those songs and attempt to pull them off. “

As such, there’s a mixture of familiar and unknown, old and new, happy and sad. It takes in both brand new (Emmy The Great’s We Almost Had A Baby) and old standards (The Times They Are A Changin’). The treatment in each case is not reverential, but loving, and unique to Micah and his distinct Texan burr.

“I knew that the only way it was to be any good was if I got the skeleton of each song down good, but focused on doing things the way I would do them and try not to think like the original musician. Knowing these songs in and out, I'm sure many of the arrangements bled over, but I did want to make each and every one of them my own in some way.”

An old-fashioned Texan trouble man with a history of minor crimes, drugs and jailtime, these are the songs that took Micah through the hard times, the wild times, and that shaped his world.

Today, Hinson’s life is well and truly back on track. Now married and living in Abilene, Texas, he records, tours, writes fiction and works part time in a comic shop with his buddy Larry. His next musical project is with a new band, Broken Arrow, whose debut album is currently being written and recorded. “I'm also working on, as always, my next full length record. I suppose I'll try to have the bastard done by later this year. Got to always keep the monster going and alive. The shark ethic always prevails...”



Enregistré au Texas entre Nov 2008 et Mars 2009 avec T. Nicholas Phelps

Volume 1

1. "slow and steady" by pedro the lion
2. "this old guitar" by john denver
3. "kiss me mother, kiss your darling" by Letta C. Lord (lyricist) and George F. Root (composer)
4. "not forever now" by centro-matic
5. "the times are a changin" by bob Dylan
6. "suzanne" by leonard cohen
7. "we almost had a baby" by emmy the great
8. "my way" by frank Sinatra

Volume 2

1. "sleepwalk"  by santo and Johnny
2. "runnin' scared" by roy orbison
3. "stop the world" by patsy cline
4. "are you lonesome tonight?" by elvis presley or Barry Manilow you decide  !!
.5. "in the pines" by leadbelly
6. "you didn't have to be so nice" by the luvin' spoonful
7. "listen to me"  by buddy holly
8. "while my guitar gently weeps" by the beatles