Sortie en vinyl le 21/09/09

Pastels and Tenniscoats, Two Sunsets collaboration.

Geographic is thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Pastels and Tenniscoats collaboration, Two Sunsets, is now ready for late summer release.  It will be available on vinyl, cd and download on September 7.

Recorded in Glasgow over a two or three year period usually around Tenniscoats UK touring, the album started out casually from a simple idea of booking some studio time to see what happens.  Songs seemed to arrive as needed and a group mode was established, usually Saya and Ueno from Tenniscoats with Stephen, Katrina and Gerard Love from The Pastels with Tom Crossley, Alison Mitchell, and sometimes Norman Blake and Bill Wells dropping by.  The sound is sort of compact but not too earth-bound; it opens out with graceful notes, odd notes, the melodic clang of cars and trees in the summer, and birds, trees, slopes, adventures.  It's melodic, optimistic, brilliant.

We are trailing it with a single Vivid Youth and About You on August 3rd and The Pastels and Tenniscoats are playing at the Moseley Folk Festival on September 4 and Bush Hall, London on September 6 with more dates to follow.

UK Reviews
Uncut - Oct 09 - 4/4 STARS
The Guardian - 4/5 STARS
NME - In the tracks you HAVE to hear
Clash - Oct 09 - 6/10
Stool Pidgeon – 4/5
Narc - 4/5 STARS
Vice - 6/10

"A jazzy, summery ambiance, resting somewhere between the Velvets and Serge Gainsbourg. Inspired!" UNCUT
"It's a sepia tinted piece of sophisticated sentimentality."
"One of the most endearing pop records of the year"

Pitchfork - Feature + News piece + track review for 'About You'
FILTER - 4/5
We heart Music 5/5
Giant Robot - Confirmed Feature to come.
Popmatters - Review to come
Dusted - Review to come
"Dreamy vocals and strummy guitars over a chattering drum machine and organ, before a harmony-drenched chorus sends the tune soaring." PITCHFORK
"Effortlessly beautiful.  Welcome to the warm sounds of summer." FILTER
"Quietly beautiful and subtle in all its charms, these two bands’ joint effort is quite possibly the musical equivalent to a summer rain shower: unpredictable, much-needed, and oddly refreshing." WE HEART MUSIC