Single "All Fall" disponible le 6 Décembre 2010

7" disponible le 6 Décembre 2010.

Album "Burn your Town" disponible le 7 Fevrier 2011.

With two limited edition single releases already under their belts and after a long stint in a studio in the North East of England with producer Richard Jackson (Future Of The Left / Mclusky), The Chapman Family have been meticulously crafting and recording their long awaited debut album.

The Teesside quartet make a strong comeback with new single 'All Fall'.

The stop/start nature of the bands short, but successful career so far is due to a strong belief that their debut album has to be perfect as Kingsley (vocals/guitar) explains:

“We genuinely don't see the point in releasing an album that is half arsed or rushed, we want it to come out all guns blazing. We're not, and never have been, a "fashionable band" so it's not like we needed to hurry and record in order to jump on the Mumfordisation of popular (allegedly) alternative music bandwagon that's currently rumbling along at a mediocre yet public pleasing pace.”

Their hiatus from releasing music and putting all their energies into this album has strained relationships, triggered bouts of depression and near caused bankruptcy. However, the fruits of this labour are evident in new track 'All Fall' , a trademark white noise-fuelled Chapman Family anthem that unleashes a modern art-punk sing-along when you least expect it.

Kingsley (vocals/black guitar), Paul (red guitar), Phil (drums) and Pop (bass/distortion). Together they cook up a firestorm of feedback drenched punk with the dynamics of a fucked up Joy Division, the intensity of The Fall and the discordance of Shellac. Already a misanthropic favourite of tear-stained rockers everywhere, the band’s no-surrender battalion of white noise and dark truth is moving forward and creating an ever-growing army.

The b-side to 'All Fall' - 'All That's Left To Break' is available only on the limited edition 7" vinyl of the single, or when you sign your life away at