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L'album a été écrit et produit par Neil Hannon et a été enrengistré entre Dublin et Londres en 2009.


The tracklisting is:


1. Down In The Street Below

2. The Complete Banker

3. Neapolitan Girl

4. Bang Goes The Knighthood

5. At The Indie

6. Have You Ever Been In Love

7. Assume the Perpendicular

8. The Lost Art of Conversation

9. Island Life

10. When A Man Cries

11. Can You Stand Upon One Leg

12. I Like

Neil Hannon has shed his alter ego, put away his cricket pads, and written a wonderful new album. A cast of eccentric characters and classic melodies populate the 12 stunning tracks that make up ‘Bang Goes The Knighthood’ (out May 31st on Divine Comedy Records).

Following last summer’s acclaimed ‘Duckworth Lewis Method’, Neil Hannon once again flexes his songwriting muscle to Olympian effect.
“Slip on your Barber jacket, jump in my old MG!” We’re off to the slightly warped, but reassuringly recognizable world of The Divine Comedy.

It’s a parallel universe filled with the likes of “The Complete Banker”, a scathing lampoon on the financial world; ‘Neapolitan Girl’, inspired by Norman Lewis’ ’ Naples ‘44’ wartime diaries; while the title track asks why the rich & powerful so frequently turn up in houses of ill repute.

‘At The Indie Disco’, the first single, is classic Divine Comedy. “I thought I was writing a catchy little pop song for kids,” Neil admits. “Then a friend said it really took them back to their dim and distant youth. Turns out I’m a social historian.”

‘Bang Goes The Knighthood’ is not a concept album though it does have a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s a novel experience.