On June 10th, The Juan Maclean announces his return to DFA with a compilation LP of 12-inch singles they’ve amassed over the past six years – re-edited, re-mastered, and ready for fans who may have missed the tracks the first time around. From the dub house sway of 2013’s “You Are My Destiny” to the high-energy stomp of this May’s “Zone Non Linear,” and featuring two never-before-released tracks, “Quiet Magician” and “Pressure Danger,” The Juan Maclean once again justify their longevity as a musical force that is more than capable of repurposing club tracks for every setting.

Launching alongside the pre-order is the single, Get Down (With My Love), which was originally released as a 12” single in 2013. The song is one of the most crystallized examples of retro-leaning bubble gum house music The Juan Maclean does best, with Nancy Whang’s vocals and Juan Maclean’s production chops in perfect sync – triumphant, melancholy and catchy as hell.