Threatmantics are a rock and roll band. They are not quite like other rock and roll bands. This is mainly and probably due to their lead guitar being a viola and their drummer and keyboardist being the same person. At the same time.

Heddwyn and Huw (brothers) hail from the Neath Valley in South Wales, Ceri hails from Hertfordshire. They met in a lay-by on the A470 and decided almost immediately that they should, at the very least cut each other’s hair….and then form a band.
Sometimes… that’s just how it happens.

And this is how it all came out in the wash :-
Heddwyn Davies : Vocals + Viola
Ceri Mitchell : Electric Guitar + Sat Nav
Huw Davies : Drums + keyboards

They have released two singles so far (Don’t Care - on the Ciwdod label - and Sali Mali - on AM) telling tales of ugly, lovely, dirty places and thoughts of joy, unruly body-hair and the sweet consolation of loose-fitting trousers.
Originally a demo, then an EP, then a mini-album, Upbeat Love sure has grown up fast. From the lusty conception, the excitement of the birth, the awkward adolescence to now - finally leaving the nest to find a new home in other people's homes. After a lengthy delivery, spread over three separate sessions, all present were pleased with the result – a short, sharp 8-track album packed to the brim with skuzzy, mind-blowing rock and roll.