Vinyle disponible le 20 août 2012.
Album digital deluxe de "Crazy Clown Time" disponible le 6 août. 

One of the sonic highlights of last year was “Crazy Clown Time”, the debut album by David Lynch that was released in November on Sunday Best Recordings. Bleakly beautiful, eerie yet mesmerizing, and shot through with Lynch’s inimitable, singular style, it stood apart as a unique work of art, as well as the latest, most thrilling venture from one of the most creative minds of our time.
Now, Sunday Best are not only releasing a deluxe edition of “Crazy Clown Time”, but they are also releasing remixes of the scorching album opener “Pinky’s Dream”, a white hot stormer of a song featuring incendiary guest vocals from the one and only Karen O. Trentemøller and Visionquest tackle the remixes of “Pinky’s Dream” while Sunday Best’s own new signing Tythe delivers a brilliant remix of album track “Stone’s Gone Up”.
On the same week, a digital deluxe edition of “Crazy Clown Time” will be available, featuring not only all the remixes to date (including rare, hard to find ones by Sasha, Moby and Skream) but also exclusive bonus David Lynch tracks (not previously available on the CD) along with the much viewed/discussed video for “Crazy Clown Time”, and an animated video for a track called “I Have a Radio”, both directed by Lynch himself. All in all, this is an absolutely essential package that is a must for any self-respecting fan of David Lynch and experimental music at its best.


David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream feat. Karen O - The Remixes (12” Heavyweight vinyl)
A.Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
AA. Pinky's Dream (Visionquest Velvet Curtain Remix)

David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream Remix EP (Digital Download)
1.     Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
2.     Pinky's Dream (Visionquest Velvet Curtain Remix)
3.     Stones Gone Up (Tythe Remix)

David Lynch - 'Crazy Clown Time'  DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION
1.     Pinky's Dream feat. Karen O
2.     Good Day Today
3.     So Glad
4.     Noah's Ark
5.     Football Game
6.     I Know
7.     Strange and Unproductive Thinking
8.     The Night Bell With Lightning
9.     Stone's Gone Up
10.  Crazy Clown Time
11.  These Are My Friends
12.  Speed Roadster
13.  Movin' On
14.  She Rise Up
15.  Sparkle Lounge Blues
16.  I Have A Radio
17.  I Know (Skream’s Not So Ravey Remix)
18.  Good Day Today (Underworld Classic Remix)
19.  I Know (Sasha remix)
20.  Noah’s Ark (Moby Remix)
21.  Pinky's Dream (Visionquest Velvet Curtain Remix)
22.  Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
23.  I Have A Radio (VIDEO)
24.  Crazy Clown Time (VIDEO)