"Say! What's This?" - Sortie le 2 décembre

Say! What Is This? is a collection of early, previously unreleased and rare Tronics recordings from between 1978 and 1983.
Tronics, led by Ziro Baby, who issued records between 1979 and 1983 are a musical rarity as things go. The releases brought Tronics and Ziro Baby, then and since, great acclaim being noted in the music press as “a swamp God”(1), “the essence of Rock n Roll”(2), “arguably, a pre-cursor for English Post Punk and Indie music”(3) and being credited for issuing the first independent cassette album in 1980 that started the cassette music boom that continues today(4).
M’lady’s Records is very proud to announce that we’ll be issuing Say! What Is This? on September 24th, 2013, in the eternally popular LP and CD formats. Over 90% of this album has never been heard by the public. It additionally makes an excellent complement to our reissue of the amazing Tronics album What’s The Hubub Bub (MLADYS 9), also out on September 24th, for the first time ever on vinyl.

TRACKLIST: 1. Punky People 2. Do You Hear Me 3. Squiddley Diddley (LBBF demo) 4. Wild Cat Rock (Live 1982) 5. Find Somewhere To Live 6. Tonight 7. They're Talking About Us (Live 1982) 8. Spending Time (LBBF demo) 9. Time Off 10. Punk Noise 11. Luna Love 12. Spontaneous Combustion 13. Gotta Make It OK 14. Goodbye