Sortie en cd le 25 janvier 2010


1.    International Language of Love
2.    Trouble!
3.    Naked With You
4.    Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)
5.    Sober is My New High
6.    Lotta Lotta Ladies...
7.    Hold Me
8.    Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain
9.    Dear Moses
10.    My Stupid Heart
11.    Sadie
12.    Broadzilla


‘le chaînon manquant entre les Monkeeys et les Dead Kennedys’ UNCUT ****
‘Jeune, idiot, mais tellement divertissant !’ ARTROCKER****
‘Brimming with even more pep than Be Your Own Pet. Like Creedence Clearwater Revival played at hardcore punk tempos. Absolutely terrific fun.’ THE GUARDIAN****

Le groupe fait également une apparition dans le premier film de DREW BARRYMORE en tant que réalisatrice, ‘Bliss’ avec Elen Page, qui sortira en France le 6 janvier 2010.

Nashville band Turbo Fruits release their second LP on Ark Recordings on Nov 16

A whole generation of rock and roll lovers wept when the incendiary, no holds barred three piece Be Your Own Pet broke up suddenly after two tremendous records of gloriously unbridled raucousness in 2008. However, they needn’t have worried, as BYOP lynchpin Jonas Stein already had a marvellous Plan B up his sleeve, in the sprightly form of Turbo Fruits.

Although originating as Stein’s side-project – indeed, the band released a critically acclaimed debut in 2007 – the dissolution of BYOP has clearly provided a renewed vigour and focus to Stein’s new musical venture, as Turbo Fruits’ sophomore record “Echo Kid” so abundantly proves. A loud, raw, blast of undiluted, good old fashioned rock and roll (it was even recorded to analog tape), this is the rare record that grabs your attention from the galvanising opening notes and holds fast onto it until the last, fading chords. The whistle/ shouts-driven “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brains” is every bit as rollicking, and as ridiculously fun a trip as the title promises, “Lotta Lotta Ladies”, with its pounding drums and wailing guitars, takes up residence in your cranium almost instantly, and “Sadie” makes for a gorgeously off-kilter love song. And then there’s “Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)”, which looks set to be one of the most insanely addictive rebel rock songs in recent memory. Quite aptly, it soundtracks Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It!”, starring Ellen Page as an indie-rock loving misfit who finds refuge in a nearby roller derby league; the band themselves pop up in several scenes as well.

When one door closes, as the old saying goes, another door opens. And those who miss Stein’s old band should prepare to have their minds blown by his new one; if BYOP delivered sharp thrills, with this record Turbo Fruits have got it polished to razor sharp perfection. This may just be the southern-fried, alt-garage rock record of the year.