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Musicians such as Vitalic are few and far between. In a time when words such as “pioneer” and “innovator” get bandied around far too easily, Vitalic – otherwise known as Pascal Arbez-Nicolas – like his Gallic peers Daft Punk, is a small among a small number of artists that warrant such epithets.

Last year Vitalic confirmed his status as the Wagner of disco with  ‘Flashmob’ his second and finest longplayer to date, an album with a blistering, claustrophobically compressed production, beautifully brutal beats and madly addictive tunes, emotion, invention and melody, all delivered with a wink of its glittery disco eye.
For his latest single, the emphatic ‘Second Lives’ Vitalic delivers a breathtaking romp that hurtles into space! Both beguiling and disorienting, ‘Second Lives’ combines the high energy of Vitalic classics LA Rock and Poney Part 1 with the sophisticated production techniques of Vitalic Version 2.0. In short, ‘Second Lives’ has everything you’d expect from the flying V: it’ll make you smile, shake your shit, and still walk away shaken by the music's intensity.
For the very first time, Vitalic’s single comes with a remix package! Bloody Beetroots and newcomer Colonel Up and Mister Down both did a furious banging nu-electro remix whereas Mustang takes us back to the golden age of Studio 54. Lifelike put his magic touch to craft a melodic neo romantic remix. Note the digital release will also include a fantastic remix of Flashmob by Popof.
Vitalic also returns to the live arena with a string of his retina-scorching, brain-meltingly brilliant shows during March and April. In terms of his live performance, his reputation precedes him, as anyone who saw his sell out Matter show last autumn will attest, his live show takes Vitalic to the next level, on a par with greats such as The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.