* Debut release from Light
In The Attic’s new soundtrack label: cinewax
* Winter’s Bone movie: Winner - 2010 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize
* Dramatic score by Dickon Hinchliffe (founding member of Tindersticks)

Winter’s Bone, The movie: The critically acclaimed thriller that has kept
audiences and critics on the edge of their seats this summer, will make its
debut on DVD and On Demand this fall from Lionsgate. Based on the novel by
Daniel Woodrell, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence (The Burning Plain) in a
performance that’s been called “mesmerizing” (Entertainment Weekly).
Co-starring John Hawkes (HBO’s “Deadwood”), the tension-filled drama follows a
teenage girl (Lawrence) who sets off on a danger-filled journey through rural Missouri
to find her missing father. Hailed as “one of the year’s best films” (Roger
Ebert). After her deadbeat father jumps bail and mysteriously disappears,
17-year-old Ree Dolly must find a way to track him down or she’ll be left
without a home or custody of her two young siblings. To avoid losing
everything, Ree must hack through the lies and threats looming everywhere in
her rural town to piece together the dangerous truth about her father - without
getting herself killed - in this taut, pulse-pounding thriller. Hailed as “one
of the year’s best films” (Roger Ebert), tThe movie is still playing in major
markets through-out the United States and will be making its debut this fall in
Europe at various festivals in Englandthe U.K., France, Germany, et al.

Winter’s Bone, The music: Among the highlights of the Original Motion Picture
Soundtrack are the old time sounds of the Ozarks translated into the 21st
century by stellar vocalist Marideth Sisco. Her Ronnie Gilbert (of the Weavers)
inspired vocals are absolute joy – and she’s an expert storyteller of the
Ozarks region;, her spoken word podcast, These Ozarks Hills, can be found
online at KSMU.org and on iTunes. Although these musicians are not yet
nationally known (yet),, this soundtrack should will draw attention to these
regional heroes; Dennis Crider,; an expert Western Swing guitar picker,
Missouri bluegrass maverick ; Bo Brown, claw hammer banjo picker; Van Colbert,
guitarist and songwriter: Rick Reding, and Missouri Ozarks fiddle master Billy
Ward (to name but a few) that will delight fans of “No Depression” and classic
Americana music.

For those seeking more contemporary music flavors, one could do no better than
Dickon Hinchliffe – a founding member of the seminal English band The
Tindersticks in which he wrote songs, played violin, guitar and keyboards.
Dickon’s other movie film scores (with the Tindersticks’) include director
Claire Denis’ Trouble Every Day which starred Vincent Gallo. 


1. Missouri Waltz - Marideth Sisco
2. High on a Mountain - Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter
3. Fair and Tender Ladies - Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter
4. On A Hill Lone and Gray - Van Colbert & Blackberry Winter
5. Out of Sight - White River Music Company
6. Man on the Run - Billy Ward
7. In the Palm of His Hand - Dirt Road Delight
8. Farther Along - Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter
9. Hardscrabble Elegy - Dickon Hinchliffe
* 10. Bred & Buttered - John Hawkes
11. Missing You - White River Music Company
* 12. Ballad of Jessup Dolly (The Wind & Rain) - Marideth Sisco &
Blackberry Winter
* 13. Sleepy Desert - Lee Ann Sours & Brandon Wooden
14. Farther Along - Marideth Sisco & Craig Klein
* 15. Angel Band - Marideth Sisco & Dickon Hinchliffe

* Tracks 10, 12, 13, 15  are extra songs that were not heard in the film